Installation and repair of exhaust systems

Our technicians are masters at installing and servicing exhaust systems. Whether you own a supercar or an SUV, with a tuned exhaust from brands like Akrapovič, Remus, Fi Exhaust or Novitec, we can turn your exhaust system into a work of art with the perfect sound.

Installation of a high quality tuned exhaust system

Installation and service of exhaust systems

We provide installation and service of exhaust systems for all car brands, from BMW, Audi or Mercedes, to Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari or McLaren. No matter what automotive gem you own, our experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure your car's exhaust system is perfect, both in terms of performance and sound.

Installation and service of high quality tuned exhaust systems for all car brands
Service and installation of homologated tuned exhaust systems

EVM Exhaust Valve Module

If you want to make the most of your car's exhaust system, the Exhaust Valve Module, or EVM, allows you to remotely control the opening and closing of the exhaust flaps. You will have complete control over the sound of your exhaust

Installation and service of high quality tuned exhaust systems for all car brands

Increase engine power

Exhausts aren't just about sound, a properly tuned exhaust system can boost your car's performance. Thanks to precision workmanship and the use of quality materials, optimum exhaust flow can be achieved, resulting in improved engine performance.

Increase your car's performance or remotely control the exhaust flaps all with our homologated exhaust system

Perfect design

Exhaust pipes and especially their tailpipes are design jewels that form the final piece of the perfect puzzle. The materials used, such as titanium or carbon, not only contribute to durability and light weight, but also give the exhausts a luxurious or sporty look.

Premium exhaust tips in titanium or carbon

Service and maintenance

Installation is not the end of it, we also offer comprehensive service and maintenance of exhaust systems. With regular maintenance we will detect potential problems early and ensure optimal performance of your exhaust system. We can provide exhaust repair, cleaning and tuning.

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