Auto detailing

Using the latest techniques and products, we can protect or restore the shine of the entire car. We'll make sure your car looks perfect at all times, whether it's the body, interior or engine compartment.

Restoring the paint and gloss of the whole car - Ask us for professional detailing

ProTech Monte Carlo

All of our services are handled by ProTech Monte-Carlo certified technicians. These experienced professionals work in a near-surgical environment with complete cleanliness and are happy to help you navigate the wide range of high-quality services available to clean, restore, protect, and modify your car.

Put your car in the hands of our technicians who are certified ProTech Monte-Carlo detailers
Professional car detailing, which takes place in complete cleanliness, ask our services and see for yourself

Put your car in our hands

Detailing is an art that requires precision, knowledge of materials and the use of quality products. With our passion for perfect cars, we take care of every detail to ensure your car shines like a jewel.

Car detailing is a passion for us, professional care requires knowledge of materials and quality products, so do not hesitate to contact us

Extraordinary body gloss

We'll give your car a dazzling shine. First we remove dirt, minor paint defects and scratches. A subsequent protective layer will ensure that the paintwork remains protected against UV rays and increase protection against scratches. At the same time, the colours regain their richness and beauty.

Detailing of the car including protection of the paint from UV rays and scratches, its polishing and correction from scratches and paint defects

Interior cleaning and protection

Interior Cleaning and ProtectionOur interior detailing services go above and beyond ordinary cleaning to ensure that every part of your car shines like new. We'll take care of leather maintenance, revitalize plastic parts, and provide overall protection against dirt and wear.

In addition to complete detailing of the interior and exterior, we also take care of the engine compartment

Engine compartment

The cleaning and care of the engine compartment is very demanding. Dust, oil and other dirt accumulate in hard-to-reach places. Plastic and rubber parts also need to be protected against degradation.

Special treatment of glass surfaces that reduces the need for wipers

Safe driving in the rain

We offer a special treatment for glass surfaces that reduces the need for wipers and improves visibility in the rain. It prevents dirt build-up and water drains 18 times faster. Your ride will be comfortable and safe in all weather conditions.

The wheels make the car, and that's why we take the utmost care when cleaning them. We remove dirt, rust and brake dust that reduces the need for wiper blades

Wheel and brake cleaning

When caring for wheels and brakes, we remove dirt, rust and brake dust, but also apply special protective coatings to protect these important parts of the vehicle from further wear and tear.

Protecting plastic parts against degradation is important. High-quality ProTech® Plastic Renovator keeps plastics preserved to look like new

Protection of plastic parts

It is also necessary to protect the plastic and rubber parts against degradation. ProTech® Plastic Renovator creates a protective film that keeps plastics preserved and looking like new.

Contact us

Contact us for reservations or further information. Your car deserves the best care.


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